Sustainability & Recycling

Over the past ten years there has been little emphasis in terms of recycling. However there has been dramatic changes within the flooring market over recent years.

There has been a significant change from solvent based adhesives to water based adhesives which Hougland Flooring actively promote. We promote manufacturers who actively use sustainable manufacturing methods and who use products that are recyclable and sourced from sustainable origins.

We also work closely with our suppliers to reduce packaging and actively recycle from installations and in house. All of our waste is disposed of safely and legally.

We work alongside our contractors to ensure our environmental policies are met and constantly review and improve our methods of working to reduce our waste.

We also ensure all electrical equipment, lighting, air condition and heating equipment is turned off when not in use. Also that water is not left running to save on water and energy consumption.

Through education and training with staff, contractors and manufacturers/ suppliers we will raise awareness of environmental issues, constantly reviewing our environmental policies and ensure we fully comply with legislation and code or practice and working towards our objective of achieving ISO 14001 environmental accreditation.

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