The different styles of Karndean Flooring

In operation since 1973, Karndean flooring is world-class vinyl that replicates a wide range of styles and patterns, bringing amazing quality at a flexible price point. Conventionally only available through trusted suppliers, Karndean has a variety of lines that are continuously expanding – offering homeowners a range of choice. 

While Karndean started as a small, family-run company, the business has expanded to become synonymous with a high degree of luxury and considerable durability. The last decade has seen them pursuing innovative methods to capture a wide range of beautiful styles that can be used in any home or business; making them a perfect pick for individuals looking for home use and for companies looking to find practical flooring solutions.

Choosing a Karndean design carries a number of advantages that can work well in modern and older properties alike, ensuring a wealth of options when it comes to refurbishment and renovation. These include…

<b>Versatility:</b> Karndean products are designed to be able to fill large spaces and be deployed as statement pieces if desired. This gives users a range of options when it comes to deciding how they should be deployed in their homes and makes the installation and removal processes simple and straightforward. 

<b>Durability:</b> Vinyl and laminate flooring are incredibly durable, making it a perfect choice for deploying in heavy use environments and areas where aesthetics are important. This allows you to enjoy wood or stone effect flooring without the cost and effort required to acquire and lay slate or tiles. LVT is also fully waterproof and able to support heated flooring, allowing it to be used in bathrooms and en-suites with ease.

<b>Variety:</b> Thanks to their ground-breaking manufacturing practice, Karndean captures the unique elements in stone and grains in wood. This extends to a range of patterns and designs that work in a number of spaces. The range also includes a number of bespoke design options for businesses or individuals looking to secure the ‘right’ design for their space, with their standard range allowing for a number of subtle tweaks that allow for the creation of something truly unique.

<h2>What ranges do they have?</h2>

Karndean products are available in a wide range of styles and aesthetics. These include, but are not limited to-

<b>Inspired by Range:</b> This range mimics a range of surface options including wood and stone, with a number of variations in each. This comes in a wide range of designs that capture the individual grains and knots in each plank and the unique texture of your chosen type of stone. 

<b>Looselay Range:</b> This provides a unique spin on easy-fit flooring combined with the durability of vinyl flooring. This reduces the time and effort spent on installation and reduces the challenge involved if the project involves overlay. Karndean uses ‘friction’ grip backing to ensure that the flooring does not move, no matter how heavy the use, dampens sound, and lends itself well to temporary as well as permanent deployment. 

<b>Heritage Collection:</b> Karndean’s recent heritage range replicates a range of Victorian and Regency tiling patterns, mimicking those deployed in townhouses and villas during the period. This makes them a useful value add in listed or older homes, alongside offering a bespoke service that can help mimic the original design from your property; helping you enjoy period patterning without breaking the bank. 

<b>Kaleidoscope Range:</b> The famous kaleidoscope range brings minimalist patterning designs to your flooring, offering a range of cubist and angular designs in a stunning 3D effect. Available in a range of different styles and designs, these provide a striking look to any room, mimicking famous artists such as Da Vinci, Dali, and more – letting you deploy them as needed in your chosen space.

If you want to learn more about how Karndean would work in your space, please do not hesitate to contact our in-house team and let us know exactly what you need to finish out your chosen space.