What is Kardean Flooring?

Appearance clearly matters when it comes to flooring in your home. However, you can’t afford to “overlook” factors such as durability, low maintenance and value for money too.

With so many important considerations, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of homeowners are “uncovering” the many advantages of Kardean.

What is Kardean flooring, and why does it stand out in the home improvement sector?

Kardean is a leading designer of quality flooring, offering an attractive price for products that have the “wow” factor. Its superb luxury vinyl flooring offers stunning aesthetic appeal. This includes highly realistic stone and wood effect vinyl flooring that could fool even the most discerning visitor.

Kardean products are so appealing they’re often chosen for lounges, bedrooms and hallways, when the aim is to create an indulgent floor effect.

How practical and durable is the range?

The Kardean range doesn’t “just” tick all the right boxes for the way it looks, though.

It comes with all the benefits of vinyl flooring, to an unrivalled degree. That includes being hard wearing and stain resistant, making Kardean designed flooring much-sought-after in kitchens.

The products are also highly waterproof and easy to clean. Making it the perfect solution for bathroom flooring, even in family homes where it will be subject to constant air moisture, splashes, spills and heavy foot traffic.

What does LVT mean?

You may see the visually superb – but highly practical – Kardean flooring range referred to as LVT. This stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, and it distinguishes this sort of high calibre flooring from cheaper, plainer and less robust options.

The Kardean range earns the LVT title due to the use of high-quality materials, and the engineering excellence employed. It also factors in the creativity of the design process, putting Kardean flooring “head and shoulders” above the competition.

How do Kardean build in such a compelling range of benefits? The secret is in the way the company manufactures and structures the layers that form vinyl flooring. By only using high-grade base materials, and moulding the layers together expertly, Kardean makes sure that homeowners can see the superiority of their range at first glance.

What makes it so special?

The clues are in the way Kardean LVT lies so flat and smooth, and how lustrous and “tactile” it looks.

However, the real value of this manufacturing prowess will only become apparent over time. This includes the fact Kardean flooring is highly resilient to wear and tear. The addition of a PVC wear layer and K-Guard+ PU surface treatment offers even more protection. 

These are also reasons why this flooring is low maintenance and easy to keep pristine.

Matching flooring preferences, interiors and dimensions

Kardean makes it possible to choose the right vinyl flooring in terms of shade, pattern and effect, as its creative range has something suitable for all preferences and interior designs.

Also, instead of being restricted to set sizes of vinyl flooring “sheets”, Kardean produces LVT tiles and planks in various dimensions. This makes it a highly versatile flooring solution, that can be laid with ease in any space.

Nor is there any need to stick to conventional flooring layouts. With Kardean LVT you can opt to lay vinyl flooring sections in a multitude of eye-catching floor patterns, including popular chevron or herringbone designs. You can even select Kardean flooring that creates flawless parquet flooring.

In fact, the sky is the limit when it comes to individualising your flooring layout with Kardean products!

How easy is it to install?

Karndean’s commitment to quality – in materials and manufacturing – lengthen the lifespan of its flooring and make it low maintenance. However, if you decide to choose from the beautiful range, how easy would it be to lay?

The company thoughtfully offers flooring materials in three different installation types. This includes glue down vinyl flooring with a multitude of design features such as borders. Kardean also produces a LooseLay range, incorporating its innovative K-Wave friction grip backing.

Lastly, you could choose Palio Clic products from Kardean for quick LVT flooring installation.

Whichever way you go, when you see the Kardean’s brand, you’re getting a flawless finish and an affordable luxury vinyl flooring, that’s going to stay looking beautiful for many years.